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Friendship Ring

$ 3.50


Fairly Traded and handmade in eastern Mexico by a family of indigenous Mayan women, these rings are traditionally given as gifts from one friend or family member to another as a sign of loyalty and love. Give these special rings to your loved ones as a fun little gift carrying on the traditional meaning and sharing a thoughtful gift! 


+ Handmade in Mexico
+ Dimensions: 0.5" W x 1" L
+ Variety of Sizes and Colors 


Lumily is an ethical brand that focuses on creating social change one fair trade item at a time. They partner with small-scale artisans in Guatemala, Mexico, and Thailand to design a bold collection that represents sustainability, relationships, and hope. Lumily believes in the importance of ethical practices in all phases of their business, from sourcing to production, through sales.

Aside from creating change through their products, they aim to provide artisan groups with as much assistance as possible. Lumily provides the funds for artisan's children in Guatemala & Mexico to go to school, have an emergency fund set aside for all artisans, and host fundraisers to provide extra support for the artisans and their families.