New! Mini Family Game Night Set

This mini family game night set encourages an evening unplugged for you, your kids, and even your neighbors. Includes everything you need to play a game of cards or spoons (just add dice!). It even includes a list of documentaries and must see family movies that share the stories of Fair Trade empowerment. 

Set of 6 Bamboo Spoons made by Batik Boutique in Malaysia


Batik Boutique began in 2009 with a friendship between two women, one with resources and the other looking for opportunity. Today it has grown into a social enterprise working to empower hundreds of artisans, offering them a fair and sustainable income producing beautiful, high quality gifts and fashion accessories.By allowing them to step into a printing project and start earning an income, thisorder created opportunity for artisans who are still perfecting their professional sewing and manufacturing skills. Batik Boutique shared that, “...once someone starts earning income, they have more confidence, and they see they can bring about changes in their own lives, and it motivates them to then in turn learn other skills.


Set of 6 bamboo spoons

Made in Malaysia

Deck of Playing Cards created with art made by rescued teen mothers in Kenya


Mercy House Global is a non-profit organization that began in 2010 with maternal rescue centers located just outside of Nairobi, Kenya. Today, Mercy House Global runs three maternity homes called Rehema House, has rescued more than 50 pregnant girls from desperate situations, and empowers countless artisans around the world. One of the highlights every year at Rehema House is Art Camp. Through the creation of beautiful images, the girls are empowered and healing from trauma began. At our last camp in April 2019, the girls worked with paint and stencils to create works of art. These images were then taken and printed on the playing cards.  Delphine, one of the graduates of Rehema House, came home to participate in Art Camp and shared that, “I learned a lot about the Scriptures and new skills in painting. I also had a lot of fun!” Delphine is at the top of her class and hopes to one day become a neurosurgeon and give back to the community that facilitated her rescue.


Printed in the USA

All proceeds go to support rescued teen mothers in Kenya

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