Give toward Emergency Response!

$ 25.00

On Wednesday, March 2,  as we prepared to go live with our special guests from Ukraine in our app and social media channels, within seconds of starting the live feed, the upstairs floor that we were standing on began to collapse beneath us. In a matter of seconds, the upstairs floor in the corner of our building had dropped 4-6 inches.

Our guests immediately began to pray and rebuke the enemy… it became instantly clear that this was a spiritual attack. Praise God, no one was injured.

We gathered our wits and got to safety and within 10 minutes we began the live feed. The $20,000 goal we initially set has now reached over $100,000! Thank you, God!

On Friday, structural engineers reported that it was unsafe for us to stay in our warehouse where we have been for six years. The barn not only housed our offices, volunteer area, online store inventory, and a small store— it is the home of Fair Trade Friday where we pack and send out 5000 packages a month and receive dozens of pallets every month.

We would like to ask three things of our community:

1. Prayer. We are tired, a little discouraged, and we need wisdom for the coming weeks as we relocate to Church Project, which has generously offered us a temporary home. This will be a massive logistics endeavor.

2. Provision. We understand raising money for Ukraine could impact the balance of what we also need to raise for our Kenyan and Refugee efforts. But as a team, we decided we would rather follow Jesus‘ direction today and trust him to provide what we need tomorrow. It’s tomorrow and this emergency will be costly.

3. Protection. It’s become very apparent that we need physical, spiritual, financial covering to continue.

4. Patience. Part of our inventory is in an unstable part of the building. We have temporarily closed our online store until we can safely remove those items to ship. We were already dealing with massive supply chain issues and delays and now we will have to divert everything to a new location. If you have something ordered with us, please be patient. Please keep giving and shopping, we need it now more than ever.

When I told our Ukraine friends how much money had come in and just 48 hours they said “you have an amazing community.” But I already knew this.

Thank you for your partnership. We aren’t done! We have work to do together.