Gold Beaded Tassel Earring

$ 36.00


Our versatile beaded tassel earrings bring you from work day to night on the town. These beaded earrings are playful yet sophisticated 3" tassels in gold.


Guatemala is a land of great beauty. But, it is also a place where many women suffer. Veronica, an artisan with Women of Hope, represents untold Guatemalan women who sought help out of the cycle of abuse and extreme poverty. She showed courage and determination despite her horrible situation. 

Women of Hope in Guatemala assists many women on the journey of becoming skilled artisans who are able to support themselves with dignified jobs. Veronica is not only a talented bead-maker, she is also a gifted teacher and a University student.

Mercy House Global partnered with Women of Hope to create stunning beaded earrings. Because of their intricacy and time-consuming nature, almost all of the Women of Hope artisans have mastered this difficult skill. Beadwork in Guatemala dates back nearly 2000 years and we are excited to celebrate this age-old art form in our Fall Collection.