Ceramic Bowls | set of 3


Mahaguthi Craft with Conscience is a Fair Trade Organization and non-profit sharing company established in 1984. They have been practicing Fair Trade for three decades. They provide socio-economic empowerment to the people, especially women through Fair Trade. The reason they do Fair Trade is because they believe in the power of trade in changing the life of people.

In Fair Trade, we empower people; we follow the practices like helping the communities as well as taking care of the environment in terms of sustainability. We help to promote small artisans and producers by promoting the local resources, culture and crafts.  

Mahaguthi Craft has been working with more than 1000 individual craft producers and groups around the country and one of them is the ceramics group. 

Dil Bahadur Prajapati, was born in a traditional potter's home and he learned the skill of pottery making from his father. Since childhood, he used to work with his father on clay and wheels. They made mostly household products of terracotta earlier. It has been more than 30 years that he is has been working with Mahaguthi Craft. They introduced him to the stoneware clay as well as glazing technique and set up an electrical firing kiln for him so that now he is able to make stoneware products. 

Dil Bahadur is married and has two sons. His wife helps him in the glazing and finishing of the products. His elder son helps him with accounting and book keeping.  He has also been able to create work opportunity to 5 other people in his workshop. 


Set of 3 Ceramic Bowls


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