Gray Leather Tassel Earrings


These gray tassel earrings are the perfect neutral accessory to coordinate with any outfit. Make a statement with these lightweight earrings that you'll barely know are there.

The women of Have Hope in Kenya measure and cut each strip of leather lace and then wind the tops with gold plated brass wire to create a unique leather tassel design. These leather tassels are then attached to gold plated ear hooks are ready to wear. 

Have Hope is an artisan group based in Kenya whose story we have shared many times over. These women depend on you and your world-changing Fair Trade purchases as a means to provide for their family. These earrings are so much more than a beautiful accessory to pair with your wardrobe. These earrings provide food, housing, and education. This hand cut fringe means women in a slum in Kenya can be paid in full for dignified work.

The creation of these earrings brought joy, smiles, and grateful laughter from a group of strong women whose lives have been forever changed. These women are fearless, and they know their stories have value, because you provide them with dignified jobs. 


Approximately 2.5" in length

Made in Kenya