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Green Semi-Circle Earrings

$ 18.00


Originally part of our Earring of the Month Club, these delicate Green Semi-Circle Earrings were handcrafted by artisans from Sojourn Studio on the Thai-Myanmar border. These clay studs are created using porcelain bone china accented with a kiln-fired 22k gold luster...they are truly a work of art for your ears!

+ Made in Thailand 
+ Crafted using porcelain bone china accented with 22k gold luster 
+ This order created approximately 3,180 hours of dignified work for 11 artisans!


Artisans Sojourn Studio receives a fair hourly wage in addition to funds specifically designated for savings and ongoing educational costs. While working at the Studio, artisans will receive training in topics such as child rights, women's rights, self-defense, budgeting, domestic violence, and self-care!