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Grow Slow | The Original Box

$ 39.99

Every April, in conjunction with the slow fashion initiative, we pause to remember the countless millions of people trapped in modern-day labor slavery pushing out fast fashion. Today, twenty percent of the world's cotton is still harvested by oppressed people, and that is not okay.

Together, we can choose slow living, slow spending, slow growth, and remember that as Pope Francis says, "Purchasing is a moral act."

Your Fair Trade Friday membership is a defiant act of consumerism against the hurried instant demand to put products over people. 

It's okay to grow slow. 

What's in your Box: 
+ Chaya Tote Bag | Retail Value: $69 Made by Joyn Bags in India 
+ On-the-Go Leather Wallet | Retail Value: $ 12 Made by Have Hope in Kenya 
+ Fair Trade Gift Cards | Retail Value: $19.98 from MHG Empower artisans around the world