Help Provide Immediate Response to Refugees in Crisis!

$ 25.00

Mercy House Global has been deeply connected to refugees for over 10 years, and this year more than ever. Over the past few months, we have responded to the influx of Afghan refugees to the Houston area by providing groceries, welcome kits, volunteer teams, and most recently we have started focusing on caring for refugee women who arrive pregnant. 

Our feeds and news channels are flooded everyday with how people around the world are being persecuted, and forced to flee their homes because of war and violence. While our response may look different with each crisis, two things remain constant: we will respond in some way and we will need funds to do so. 

Our goal is to be very intentional and strategic with how we respond and use our funds in each situation, so that we can impact the most people and bring God the most glory. 

Thanks for partnering with us world-changers!