Herb Stripper Dish

$ 32.00


The women of Prodigal Pottery handcrafted this ceramic herb stripper dish for Grace Case members. Use the holder to strip the leaves of your favorite herbs. Pull the stem through the smallest hole it will fit through, then use the bowl to store the leaves. 


+ Handcrafted by Prodigal Pottery in the USA 
+ Handwash only 


Just outside Birmingham, Alabama, Prodigal Pottery works directly out of a women's shelter for those fleeing homelessness and domestic abuse. The organization also partners with a local safe house for women fleeing sex trafficking. 

Prodigal Pottery offers employment to women who otherwise may not find it. Many of the women they serve have been trapped in a cycle of chronic homelessness due to felonies on their records, open court cases, or emotional trauma. The women are not turned away based on their pasts but instead employed to help them take control of their futures. 

Prodigal Pottery equips women with skills needed to succeed in life, such as financial training, emotional care, professional skills, and assistance in finding a stable residence. Their greatest desire for their women is that they would walk out the doors of Prodigal Pottery every day knowing they are strong, capable, and loved -- and that the Lord has a powerful and important plan for their life. 

This order of herb stripper bowls was a huge blessing for the women of Prodigal Pottery. The artisans were very excited about learning to make a brand-new item. Their provided them with an opportunity to be challenged in a different light. It also allowed Prodigal Pottery to hire a new artisan and start making a difference in her life. 


"As a child, I was molested and my mother was a single mom and my father was not present. My mom used drugs for quite some time during my childhood. As a teenager, I also became addicted to drugs. I soon was a dropout and arrested and was in and out of jail. I started a life of prostitution very young when I was only fifteen years old. My family begged me to come home, but the shame and fear kept me bound in drugs and alcohol and the lifestyle I was leading. 
God saw fit the I wouldn't quit on my own. He interviewed and had me arrested for some big charges that would send me to prison if I didn't testify against my trafficker. I sat in jail for a year because I was so scared of him and what he would do. But the Lord intervened in my life, and I entered a rehab program. I have messed up many times, but God continues showing his love and grace. Because Wellhouse