Hogla Wall Cubby

$ 28.00


Keep your home organized with this sustainable wall cubby. Made of natural hogla rope and leaves, this sturdy catch-all brings instant rustic charm to your home, while providing you with a little extra storage space. Perfect for hanging by your door to store mail, keys, or other small on-the-go accessories. 


+ Made in Bangladesh 
+ Dimensions: 9"h x 9"w x 6 3/4"d.
+ Flatback. 
+ Crafted from natural hogla rope and leaves 
Your purchase helps extremely poor artisans in remote areas in Bangladesh struggling to sustain a craft-based livelihood. Where few other options for income exist, generations of skilled Bangladeshi artisans are able to earn an income from craft, preserving this country's fine hand-crafting heritage.


Crafted by rural artisans in Bangladesh, providing a long-term trading partnership and interest-free advance payment for orders. Through sales of their products, 1500 rural artisans in 30 cooperatives are able to improve their skills and production capacity while working from home. Over 90% of these artisans are women, with employment enabling income for widows, healthcare for new mothers and education for girls. Self-reliance is encouraged through a savings plan and improved sanitation, and distribution of saplings to promote reforestation.