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Hope Earrings

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These delicate and dainty Hope Earrings make a big impact around the world! Crafted by artisans at Sojourn Studios on the Thai-Myanman border, these little earrings have provided women with dignified work and resulted in a positive impact on their families and the community. 

  • Made on the Thai-Myanmar border

Sojourn Studio handcrafts beauty to rewrite her story and lift her community. Artisans gain skills and a supportive community which elevates her ability to earn dignified income which brings light into the lives of an artisan, her family, and her customer.
 “Sojourn” was chosen to convey that we are all on a journey. They believe in dignified work and the positive impact of a community of comrades who band together and support one another in the journey. Jesus' life and His sacrifice is their motivation and their guide.

Sojourn artisans are ethnically from Myanmar and live on the Thailand side of the border. Artisans receive a fair hourly wage, in addition to funds specifically designated for savings and ongoing educational costs. While working at the Studio, artisans will receive training in topics such as child rights, women rights, self-defense, budgeting, domestic violence, and self-care. Sojourn Studio empowers those artisans to be aware of their rights and choices they can make. All the artisans now know their basic rights and many of them know how to stand up for themselves. With the sisterhood of Sojourn Studio, some are still learning to stand up for themselves. The majority of the artisans are now financially independent from their parents, husband, or charity organizations.

A total of 10 artisans and approximately 2,700 hours of working went into completing the product.