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Indigo Hand Towels | Set of 2

$ 35.00


Soft vertical stripes in subdued colors make these hand towels a lovely addition to any home. The linens of 100% Ethiopian cotton are incredibly versatile...from your beach picnic basket to any room in your home. These treasures become softer with each wash. 


+ Hand-spun in Ethiopia 
+ Color: Indigo Blue 
+ 100% Hand-spun with Ethiopian cotton 
+ Machine wash in cold water. Tumble dry low. Iron if desired. Do not bleach. 


Sabahar is an Ethiopian company that produces uniquely designed, handmade cotton and silk textiles. In addition to scarves and shawls, they make table linens, cushions, throws, and towels. Their products are entirely handmade in Ethiopia from natural fibers. 

Many women spin raw cotton into threads in their homes. They buy the raw cotton from the market, separate the seed from the fiber, and then spin it on a drop spindle into luxuriously soft thread. They then sell the 'cones' of cotton thread. 

The skill of hand spinning is passed down from mother to daughter, and most rural women spin at their homes for extra income. Honoring this tradition, Sabahar purchased handspun cotton threat from a network of women throughout Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. They also have women who spin as a paid, full-time job in their workshop. As most spinning is done during free time, it is a way to support women with supplemental income. 

The beauty of handspun thread is a rare commodity in our quickly changing world of mechanized textile factories. Handspun cotton is very textured and soft and ensures each product is unique.