Jacaranda Ladle

$ 26.00


Hand-carved from the Jacaranda tree, with this beautifully carved ladle you can scoop cider, cocoa, and soup galore! Each piece was crafted from different cuts of wood, so there may be variations in shape and shade.


+ Handcrafted in Rwanda 
+ Size: 12″ x 3″
+ Hand-carved from the Jacaranda or Musave tree- trees that regrow after they have been cut.
+ Care: Handwash with mild soap and warm water. Please avoid bleach and the dishwasher.


Isidore grew up in poverty with a single mother whom he helped with her duties, such as farming and cooking. Soon he realized that farming would not provide the means to feed the family and save for the future. Isidore became interested in the work happening at a nearby artisan workshop and began helping them with small jobs. The skills he learned there have helped him with his work with Azizi Life. He has begun construction on his own house and can afford health insurance and school fees for his two daughters. Isidore is thankful for his customers, workmates, and Azizi Life. He prays that his children will get a good education and develop themselves through creating their own work.