Jaya Bracelet Key Ring

$ 26.00


With this adorable beaded key chain, your keys will never be lost again! Use this chain around your wrist or clip it to your bag for easy access. Artisans carefully and intricately bead this key chain in Dheli, so you can remember these hands that you have empowered when you grab your key chain on the go!


+ Made in Dheli
+ Dimensions: 3"dia
+ One size fits most
+ Seed beads with brass carabiner clip


Your purchase creates employment for disadvantaged artisans in Delhi, and advocates for literacy, fair wages, and the protection of children. Through sales of their products, artisans receive fair wages, shared profits, savings plans, interest-free loans, health programs, technical courses for women to upgrade their skills, adult literacy programs, and scholarships to help children avoid child labor and stay in school.