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Thrive Tote

$ 12.00 $ 24.00

Look no further for the perfect bag to take with your everywhere you go! The Thrive Tote is made from 100% organic cotton canvas and crafted by the artisans of Joyya in India. It's perfect for so many occasions -- gathering your veggies and flowers from the farmer's market, carrying books to church or the library, or simply as an everyday bag. This tote has you covered. 

  • Made by Joyya in India 
  • Crafted using 100% organic cotton 


Joyya exists to spark good in places marked by extreme poverty and modern-day slavery. Sparking goods means providing sustainable employment to women and men from hard-hit communities. The work helps them support their families and keep their kids in school. “Sustainability“ means supporting farmers and local businesses with organic cotton and recycled materials. Joyya helps their staff re-imagine their lives, identities, and futures, and those of their children.


"For over ten years, I have been working [at Joyya]. The main reason for me to work here is my daughter. I joined here in 2018 after my husband lost his job. My wages help me manage my daughter’s educational expenses.

“I have a lot of aspirations for my daughter. Since I do not have much education, I cannot speak English well. I want my daughter to learn well, speak English, and work in an office. I also have some personal wishes, like I want to have a house of my own. I would like to become a manager someday.

“We find it very difficult to get our children admitted to good schools. The mothers of this community have dreams for the their children—to learn dancing, computers, fine arts. But they never have the opportunity.

“There may be girls and boys from our community who will get educated. Our company is training them and giving them a good opportunity to work here. Perhaps with their potential, they can work somewhere else. But because of where they come from, they will not be easily accepted elsewhere. I would like to thank our company from the bottom of my heart for creating opportunities for us."