Kaisa Grass Basket

$ 40.00


Your Kaisa grass basket is a neutral piece of home decor that will add texture to any room of the house. It was handwoven by the incredible artisans of Prokritee in Bangladesh!


+ Made by Prokritee in Bangladesh 
+ Crafted using Kaisa grass
+ Approximately 10" (H) x 8.5" (W)


Prokreitee's basket division was established in 1999 in one of the underdeveloped villages in the Nilphamari district of Bangladesh. It employs thirty regular producers and 96 seasonal employees. People's livelihoods are mostly dependent on agriculture in this area. Very few people own land, and they hire day laborers to work in their fields during the cropping seasons. These day laborers are low-paid and completely seasonal. Women have fewer opportunities to work outside the home than men do. 

Prokritee is working well in this area as the unit is established in the village and some women can make the products in their homes. The women weave baskets with Kaisa grass, palm leaves, and recycled fabrics. Recently, their colorful basket hampers have become an excellent seller in the USA and European markets.