Kantha Infinity Scarf | Assorted

$ 29.00


These recycled saree scarves are not only amazingly warm but also super cozy! Hand-stitched, these infinity scarves are sewn together with two coordinating saree fabrics to help brighten up your fall and winter wardrobe. Comfortable + trendy, what's not to love? How will you style your Kantha scarf? 


+ Made in India 
+ Material: Recycled Saree Fabric 
+ Care Instructions: Wash gently. Tumble Dry. Love Well.
Every Kantha Infinity Scarf goes through the hands of 4 women and provides approximately 10 hours of work! 


Asha Project has a passion for teaching women that they are worth more than they were brought up to believe. Asha's desire is that women would find hope for change and for a better future. Every product goes through many hands from start to finish. They make it a priority not only to make sure that all of the women receive a fair wage but also to make sure they know the value and worth they have as a mother, wife, friend, and as a woman using their skills to help support their families. Asha Project is a community. Not only do their artisans meet in small groups in their own neighborhoods once a week for community and handicrafts, but they are available to do life together and love and support each other every day. All handicraft groups are led by women who started out as a member of a handicraft group. Asha not only wants to teach women how to be empowered but also how to empower others as well.