Leather Pen Holder

$ 12.00


Preserve your favorite pens and pencils with Street Hope's hand-stitched leather pen holder. Protect your writing utensils from leaking everywhere, getting scratched, or ruined. 

Then, jot down all your brilliant ideas and even your mundane ones with these pencils made of recycled newspaper.


+ Made by Street Hope in Kenya
+ Crafted from hand-cut leather 
+ Comes with 6 newspaper pencils crafted by Earthbound Creations in Sri Lanka


In 2016, these sixteen women were homeless and doing whatever they could to survive on the streets of Kenya. Mercy House Global provided them an opportunity to sew tiny felt hearts by hand for our tic-tac-toe bags and one by one, they began to change their lives. They are now employed and each have moved into homes and are providing for their children. After gaining more confidence and skills, the women on Street Hope have developed a line of leather goods. 

Earthbound Creations 

Earthbound Creations has become a pioneer among recycled paper-based producers in the country of Sri Lanka employing 40 local artisans. The EBC pencil is environmentally friendly by using totally recycled newspapers. Each pencil contains 2mm of high-quality lead.