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Leather Plant Holder | 2 Variants

$ 18.00


Give your favorite houseplant a place of distinction in your new leather plant holder from Street Hope. Hanging a plant draws the eye up and adds height to your decor. The classic design will fit in homes of all different styles.


+ Hand-crafted in Kenya 
+ Dimensions: 20" L
+ Crafted from locally sourced leather
+ Leather color will vary. 


Brenda is the first-born in a family of eight. Because of poverty, she was forced to run away from home and ended up on the streets of Nairobi, Kenya, fending for herself. Brenda has a son and a daughter, whom she had while living on the streets. Life on the streets was unbearable because many times Brenda and her children had to sleep on dirty floors with hungry stomachs. 

Brenda is grateful that Street Hope welcomed her and gave her a job. She says that her kids are in school, though they are now living with her parents in the countryside. Brenda is able to send money home to cater to their basic needs. 

Brenda shared that " At first I was not very sure if I was going to be able to learn that skills we were being taught. But I thank God for the resilience He gave me. I enjoy working with leather, and I am very happy with the products I produce. My heart is glad that what I make brings joy and happiness to the consumers." 


Sixteen women from Mathare Slum make up the group called Street Hope. These strong women in Nairobi, Kenya, have lived most of their lives on the streets. Many were orphaned as children and have only known a life of poverty, while others became homeless due to difficult circumstances, forcing them to do whatever necessary to survive. Mercy House Global began training and employing these women in 2016, and one by one they have moved into homes, overcome addiction and gained skills and confidence.