Let Go + Grow | The Original Box

$ 39.99


Summer is the perfect time to let go. School is out and so is the sun. Summer gives us a little more space to breathe and squeeze in a vacation day or two with its longer days and warm rays. 

Sometimes you have to let go, so you can grow.

It's our prayer that this month's Fair Trade Friday makes your everyday decisions a little easier without stunning everyday brass hoops and shine brass necklace as a daily fashion staple. They pack nicely in your hand-stitched kantha bag when you're on the go. We tucked in a refugee-made shower steamer to remind you to let go of the day's worries with a little self-care. 

Afterall, you grow through what you go through. 

So, let go + grow! 

What's in your box: 
+ Kantha Cosmetic Tote | Retail Value: $14 | Made by Asha Project in India 
+ Hammered Hoops | Retail Value: $24 | Made by Forged in Hope in Kenya
+ Shine Necklace | Retail Value: $28 | Made by Forged in Hope in Kenya 
+ Jewelry Polishing Cloth | Retail Value: $3 | Made by Hagerty in the USA 
+ Lavender Shower Steamer | Retail Value: $4 | Made by Refugees living in the USA 

Total Retail Value: $73