Lumi Bracelet

$ 24.00


The Lumi Bracelet is made using white and gold seed beads, with a hand-beading process that the @vibellajewelry artisan family has become quite skilled in! Hand beading is not a quick process; each pair takes hours to make.

Wear yours with pride, knowing you have contributed to a better life for artisans and their families!


+ Made in Mexico 

Details: 6-8", adjustable slider knot.

+ Crafted with white and gold seed beads and string

+ Between 8 artisans, these bracelets created 375 hours of dignified work for artisans. 


Adriana is 25 years old, she is married to Saul Gonzalez. They have a 5-year-old girl named Yamileth. Adriana came from Tula, Tamaulipas (another state of Mexico) to Pesqueria almost 10 years ago and started working cleaning homes. She's been part of Vi Bella since November 2019, and she's a very fast and good artisan. What she loves most about working here is that she has the opportunity to learn and grow, and she can also take care of her daughter. Adriana dreams of having her own house and her own sewing business. 
Guadalupe is 33 years old and she's in the middle of her divorce process. She has two children, 13-year-old Ruth, and 7-year-old Isaac. She joined Vi Bella team last year in October, and she learns about jewelry, she's learning to read and write. What she loves most about working here is that she has received the support of her coworkers, the administrator, and the psychologist. She dreams about having her own home, finishing elementary and high school, and studying computers.