Macrame Bag with Wooden Handle

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Talk about texture! Grab this bag for your day around town, trip the beach, or accessory for your Spring/ Summer outfits! It is light-weight, airy, and beautiful! It's delicate features will have everyone asking where it came from and then you can share the meaning and impact your bag made for the artisans who crafted it.  


+ Made in Kenya 

Dimensions: 15.125 inches wide by 18.75 inches high

Features wood handles and open-weave macramé that is expansive yet stylish.

+ Interior is not lined.

+ Please note due to the handmade nature, dimensions may vary slightly.


Global Craft's mission is to offer income-generating opportunities to artisan groups in developing countries by bringing beautiful products to mainstream markets.  Global Crafts follows Fair Trade practices which include paying advances to partners to cover cost of goods, ensuring producers receive payment, and ensuring that the groups work in safe conditions. 

Global Crafts has evolved since its early days -- it all began with a container shipment from Kenya and has grown to a broad reach with Fair Trade imports from over 20 countries.  The company was founded in 2002 by Kevin Ward, a VSO volunteer, and Renice Jones, a Peace Corps volunteer.  While working in Kenya, they saw an wonderful opportunity for craftspeople to sell their products in international markets and create sustainable livelihoods.  Global Crafts was born.  Over the years, Global Crafts has maintained strong roots in Africa, but expanded to many other countries.  The company brings over 3,000 products to mainstream markets.  In 2018, Tiffany Kaplan purchased the business.  She has worked closely with Kevin and Renice to maintain the core focus of the business, while expanding product offerings from longtime artisan partners.