Macrame Tree | Green

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A beautiful addition to any space and just in time for Christmas! When you purchase this tree, you are supporting programs around the world that empower women to rise above the boundaries of isolation and illiteracy. Through your support, artisans are able to have access to education, fair trade job opportunities, and community. Deck to halls and spark hope while doing it! 


+ Made in Rwanda 
+ Dimensions: 24in X 16in
+ Due to their handmade nature, the size will vary slightly.


Hands Producing Hope started in 2010, when founder, Rebecca, lived in Costa Rica for six months and began to learn about the discrimination and hardships a native people group called the Guaymi face on a daily basis. Moved by their story, she later visited the Coppey Abajo reservation for the first time and began dreaming of what her role in this community would be. There, she met women who, in the face of oppression and extreme poverty, still had hopes and dreams for a brighter tomorrow. While these women had a passion for learning and creating, Rebecca realized they were in need of a market. In the fall of 2012, Rebecca officially launched Hands Producing Hope, selling jewelry from the reservation through trunk shows, craft fairs, and church events. Several volunteers joined her in developing a board of members, creating new product designs, and hosting events. Since their journey began in 2010, they've seen the lasting positive impact that consumers can make on the livelihoods of entire communities. It is their heart to stir up a movement of thoughtful spenders who value the face behind the product and spread the story of hope and empowerment.