Mahogany Mug

$ 28.00


Crafted from mahogany, this hand-carved wood mug is the addition to your collection you didn't know you needed... until now!! With meaningful craftsmanship behind the creation of these cozy mugs, it would be perfect for a cappuccino, small latte, cortado, or even a small cup of hot tea! 


+ Made in Guatemala 

+ Holds 6 oz 

+ Dimensions: 3.5" Dia. 4" (W) X 2.5" (H)

+ Crafted from Mahogany 

+ Do not microwave or heat this mug.

+ Care Instructions: Hand wash only. It is not recommended to put it in your dishwasher. 


Itza Wood is a social venture in San Andres, Peten Guatemala handcrafting quality furnishing and wood wares out of sustainable and locally sourced tropical woods. They believe products should not only be made well but should also do good and empower people. 100% of their profits are reinvested in local education and community outreach!