Melon Ball Roller

$ 3.50 $ 7.00


This melon ball roller is the ideal addition to your kitchen. The double-sided design allows you to make two different-sized balls for garnishes, cocktails, or salads! This tool can be used on more than fruit. Try it with butter, cheese, ice cream, cookie dough, and more! 


+ Made in India 
+ Dimensions: 7" (L)
The larger side is about 1" deep
The smaller side is about .5" deep 
+ Crafted from ethically sourced metal 


The mission of Noah's Ark is to empower low-income artisans to break the cycle of poverty and to preserve the cultural traditions of their crafts through a commitment to Fair Trade. Noah's Ark is the first and only Fair Trade certified exporter in Moradabad, a city of more than 800,000 people. More than half of the people in Moradabad are involved in the metal handicrafts trade, but the industry has long been plagued with injustice: artisans are paid low wages, forced to pay commission to exporters, and must self finance raw materials needed to complete orders. The heritage and tradition of handicrafts is increasingly threatened as insufficient profits force marginalized artisans to seek other professions. Noah's Ark has supported artisans and their families with fair wages, long-term business investment and collaboration, and health and education initiatives for more than 30 years.