Rainbow Keychain


These petite keychains hand made from tightly wrapped embroidery thread make the perfect addition to a set of keys, an add on to a zipper on a clutch or backpack, or a fun gift to brighten a friend's day. 

These keychains were made by Sancha, a refugee who lives in Houston, originally from the war torn country of Bhutan, her family was sent to a refugee camp in Nepal about 20 years ago.  She came to the United States with her husband from the refugee camp in 2012.  Like most refugees transitioning to a new country, Sancha faces many challenges like learning a new language, navigating a different culture, and trying to make ends meet. She became a believer after coming to the US and is currently being discipled by fellow believers. In 2014, Mercy House Global began providing work for refugees in Houston and developed a one on one relationship with Sancha.  She uses the money she makes from creating these beautiful rainbow ornaments to help provide for her family and pay for ESL classes.


Made in the USA


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