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Mini Ceramic Vases | 5 Variants

$ 20.00


Perfect for sprinkling fair trade decor all around your home, these unique hand-crafted vases are perfect for book shelves, flower buds, loose jewelry, and more! Buy all five and curate a one-of-a-kind collection or buy whichever one speaks to you! 


+ Hand crafted in Bali, Indonesia 
+ 100% ceramic 
+ 5 Variants 


Last year, Bay Sky designers traveled over 8,000 miles to the place that San Diego Hat Company 26 years ago, Bali, Indonesia; and returned with a curated collection of home decor items. All of the items in their collections have been ethically sourced from local artisans who use natural, and often, recycled materials to hand craft goods that are a direct deflection of the Balinese lifestyle and culture. From the Luscious rainforests of Bali... to the beautiful coastlines of Mexico. Bay Sky seeks to bring a fresh, global perspective to stores and homes.