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Mini Sparklers Set

$ 13.00

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Celebrate Summer with these fun Mini Sparklers! This travel tube is perfect to take with you on the go to the next celebration. 


+ Made in the USA 
+ Included is a 12 pack of mini sparklers 
+ Dimensions: Each sparkler is approx. 4" 
+ Adult supervision is advised. 


TOPS Malibu products are designed in Hawaii and California and handmade in the Oregon warehouse for over 35 years. In the 1980's TOPS Gallery was born in Malibu- a store of unusual functional art. Wishing to design my own product, the fleeting thought came in the bathtub -a candle with a fortune capsule with messages, charms, and gems hidden inside. Originally named Good Fortune Candles® -- all the fortunes pertained to following your intuition and watching wonderful doors open for you. TOPS Malibu has continued to boom through serendipity, surprise, spontaneity, and creating lasting memories. Fond Memories linger which is why now the children of original customers are also buying TOPS Malibu for their families.