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Modern Metal Christmas Tree

$ 12.00 $ 18.00

Adorn any space with this adorable Modern Metal Christmas Tree! Standing just under a foot tall, this metal tree will be the perfect addition to your Christmas decor. Artisans at Noah's Ark in India crafted this gold, modern Christmas tree. Their hard work shines as bright as the star atop the tree and helps to provide their families with opportunity and hope!

  • 8.5x8.5x25 cm
  • Made by Noah's Ark in India


After six years of witnessing the artisans’ struggles in India, Samuel Masih established Noah’s  Ark International Exports in 1986 in an effort to raise the artisans out of poverty and preserve  their livelihoods. Noah’s Ark Exports has supported artisans and their families with fair wages,  long-term business investment and collaboration, and health and education initiatives for more  than thirty years.