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Moonflower Nectar Candle | 12 oz Glass Jar

$ 26.00

Experience the essence of fall with the Moonflower Nectar candle, The luscious notes of ripe pears and the delicate charm of cherry blossoms intertwine to evoke the beauty of the season. The refreshing hints of agave and marine mirror the crispness in the air, while the warm accents of powder, dark musk, and amber embrace you in a cozy, autumnal embrace, making this candle a perfect companion for embracing the enchanting spirit of fall.

  • Hand-poured in the USA by refugees
  • 100% soy wax
  • 12 oz.
  • Scent: Moonflower Nectar
  • Notes: Pear, Agave, Rose, Marine, Cherry Blossom, Powder, Dark Musk, Amber
  • Burn time: approx. 60 hours


The first thing you notice about Diaa is her smile. Diaa throws back her head and laughs at the smallest joys. She is usually humming a tune and sways to her own music. Diaa is one of our expert candlemakers and uses the income she makes to help her family with living expenses. Diaa said her new skill will bring her closer to her dream of one day buying a home.