Muslin Face Mask

$ 5.00


Our fabric face masks are made of double layer muslin waterproof fabric, along with a loose weave cotton lining for easier breathability,  and more softness with more washing. The masks themselves are washable with disposable, removable filters.  


Disposable PM 2.5 filters are made from activated carbon filters with 5 layers for extra protection, and help keep out hazardous particles and pollutants common in the air.

+ Made in Thailand 


At Thai Village we emphasize the development of quality, fair trade, ethical products. We incorporate traditional patterns and local materials. We seek to build up local people. Beyond quality, these masks have given vital and life-giving employment to single mothers who were without work during the economic crisis spurred on by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The beautiful workmanship of our artisans is something that they learn through skills trainings offered at Thai Village. Economic self-sufficiency is a foundational principle to Thai Village.  Individuals we work with who express special interest in particular crafts or trades are encouraged and trained to further develop their skills and passions.  This often leads to much needed income generation. This means an increase in the artisan’s ability to support themselves and their family.  Thai Village has supported nationals in programs such as stitching, sewing, dressmaking, tin carving, silver-smithing, soap making, paper making, and jewelry designing.

Through the production of this mask Thai Village is able to give income, love, and hope to people in Northern Thailand. Join us in supporting good by purchasing today!