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Natural Birds

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These natural birds were handmade by talented artisans in Kenya. Hand-carved out of soapstone that was sanded until smooth, and then polished -- each bird yields a variety of colors and dimensions revealing the natural elements of the stone. These little birds would be adorable nestled into a bookshelf, perched in your kitchen, or accompanying coffee table books in your living room! 


+ Made in Kenya 
+ Dimensions: 3.5 × 0.75 × 1.25 in
+ Crafted from Kisii Soapstone
+ Since they show the natural colors of the stone, some color variations (such as cream, gray, pink, and brown) should be expected.

ARTISAN DETAILS: Catherine's Story from Venture Imports 

Catherine is a beautiful example of persistence and hard work. Her husband is unable to provide for her or their five children, so Catherine provides for them on her own. She has been working with the group for more than three years and became an assistant in 2018. While she mostly works in the sanding department, she also helps out in the painting and polishing departments.

School fees are a priority for all the mothers and they get more and more expensive the older the children get. The school a child is able to attend is based on the child’s aptitude and the parent’s ability to pay. Catherine is going to be sending her eldest two children to Form One and possibly even boarding school depending on their performance. This is a great achievement.