Natural Hemp Washcloth

$ 12.00


This washcloth is made of earth-friendly hemp fiber. The cloth boasts the great strength and high quality that is commonly associated with hemp. Layers of hemp are weaved together to create a sponge-like texture, making the cloth ideal for scrubbing both dishes and counters.


+ Made in Bangladesh by Prokritee

+ Measures 7''L x 7''W

+ Made of Hemp

+ Care Instructions: Cold wash, line dry


Hajigangj Handicrafts Unit was set up in 2005 by Prokritee to support Behari families. This ethnical group in the North of Bangladesh had to flee their home twice during the partition of India and Pakistan in 1947 and again after the independence of Bangladesh in 1971. Their chances for healthy homes, education, and income had become very low. With support of Prokritee, many women now have good financial supports, changing their livelihood and giving them chances to buy food, clothing, and education for their children.