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Elastic Waist Skirt | Polka Dot

$ 50.00


Between the brilliant colors and patterns in these skirts and the authentic design, you are sure to have a unique addition to your wardrobe! Gift them to a friend or family member or keep one for yourself to enjoy. In purchasing one of these skirts you are contributing to the dignified work given to our artisans in Kenya. Fairtrade allows them to make an honest living that is sustainable and impactful -- they are able to learn trades and skills that facilitate a stable livelihood and a way to provide for their families. 


+ Thoughtfully crafted in Kenya

+ Elastic Waist

+ 40" in (L)

+ Available in sizes Small/Medium ( Sizes 2-8) and Large/XL (Sizes 10-16)


Hafsa and her daughter Maureen have been a part of Rehema House in Kenya for several years. Once Hafsa, a talented artisan, finished the residential program at the maternity home, she earned an internship as a kitchen helper at a local, nonprofit guest house. Hafsa has become an expert cook and enjoys it so much. She is also the only graduate of Rehema House employed as a skills teacher. She is in charge of quality control for all the products that leave Kenya. When Hafsa isn’t working, she loves playing with her preschooler. She has enjoyed taking a break from her duties to participate in the annual Art Camp at Rehema House. Hafsa was one of many talented artists who created the images in this month’s Fair Trade Friday box.