New! Stocking Stuffer Bundle: Leather Catch-all + Grateful Keychain

A bundle of Fair Trade favorites for everyone! We think this bundle will make everyone happy including you - it's a bundle of sale! Just $19 for 2 genuine leather items. A retail value over $30. SHOP NOW, while supplies last. 

Black Leather Catch-all


This black genuine leather valet tray was created by artisans in Haiti who are empowered by dignified jobs. Employees are trained in-house in leatherwork, sewing, or jewelry making. The goal is to provide skill training, consistent employment, and resources for personal growth. 


Grateful Keychain by Repurposed on Purpose


Repurposed on Purpose, a production facility founded by Glory Haus, was created to provide a safe place for women who are transitioning out of difficult situations. They are able to begin rewriting their stories and create new beginnings.The workroom has become a place of creativity and inspiration, providing jobs and reminding us that “this can really be done and make a difference when you start one life at a time.”Originally products were created with the idea that repurposed goods (and lives) have value.Today we see the fruit of this belief in the lives of women who come to work each day to provide for themselves and their families.The partnership with Mercy House Global and Repurposed on Purpose’s participation in Fair Trade Friday has allowed them to create new collections, invest in growth, and teach new skills in the workroom. Now they are able to create custom work for different organizations interested in specialized gifts.Repurposed on Purpose is honored to be a part of this work and thankful for friendships with others who believe in making a difference one life at a time through Fair Trade.


2.5" leather strip stamped with the word "grateful"

Brass Hardware

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