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Olive Wood Clinging Cross

$ 14.00

In the gentle curve of handcrafted olive wood lies a sacred invitation - a call to draw near, to hold close, to cling to our faith. The Olive Wood Clinging Cross, with its simple beauty, reminds us of our unwavering connection to Jesus. Paired with a prayer card, it becomes a beacon of hope in life's storms. As we cradle it, we're reminded of the One who clings to us with steadfast love. May the clinging cross be a tangible expression of our devotion and a symbol of the enduring power of the cross. 

  • From The Keeping Company in collaboration with Said Artisan Group in Bethlehem
  • Dimensions: 


The Keeping Company

The Keeping Company is run by Caleb and Melba Voskamp, who design, create, and gather resources to help
in “keeping company” with Christ in every season of life. For this order, they collaborated with Said Artisan Group in Bethlehem. Established in 1983, Said Factory is a Christian family business that serves the local souvenir markets in Bethlehem, Jerusalem, and Nazareth.


Issa has found a life-changing opportunity through his work in wood carving, specifically crafting olive wood crosses. This job has provided him with a stable income and a noble purpose. The most significant impact has been on his family’s education. Issa has been able to afford quality education for his four children at a Christian school. This investment in his children’s education is not just a short-term benefit. It’s a gateway to a brighter future, ensuring they have the knowledge and skills to succeed in life. Issa’s work serves a dual purpose—preserving the traditional art of olive wood carving and securing his children’s education and future opportunities.