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Poppy Paper Bead Bracelet

$ 24.00

The Poppy Paper Bead Bracelet will add a POP of color to every outfit! Made by rescued teen girls in Kenya, these hand-rolled paper beads were strung together to create beautiful stretchy bracelets that will fit most any wrist. 

  • Made in Kenya
  • Set of 3


Mercy House Global funds 3 maternity homes in Kenya, Rehema House, that provide a 2 year residential program for girls who have become pregnant through desperate situations. Our hope is that every girl has a safe home to return to once she has graduated the program, but unfortunately, that is not always possible.
In situations where a girl cannot return home, one of our 3 houses operates as a "transitional home" where we continue to help meet her needs and provide her with opportunity until she is able to transition to being on her own and supporting herself and her child.
The girls living in our transition home were the makers of the Bracelet of the Month for August! Paper bead making is one of the very first skills they are taught, so these bracelets were basically made by paper bead experts!