Rattan Chip & Dip Serving Tray

$ 38.00


The hostess with the MOST precious serving tray! This adorable circle tray comes with a round ceramic bowl that fits snuggly in the center. The ceramic bowl is medium in size and perfectly fit for serving sauces, dips, nuts, and more. This Dip and Snack Dish Set can be used for any party, picnic, or family gathering. What will you use this tray for? 


+ Made in Vietnam 
+ Dimensions of the rattan 13" dia. x 2.4" (h)
+ Dimensions of the ramekin 4" dia. x 2" (h)
+ Crafted using rattan
+ Comes with a white ceramic bowl
Note that you should line the rattan tray with cooking paper to ensure food safety before serving french fries, snacks, or fruits on it.


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