Rustic Watering Can Birdhouse

$ 42.00


Perfect for the gardener and bird lover! This birdhouse is made by artisans in the Philippines who utilize sustainable takip-asin wood (aka Coral Wood) and galtang vine to create fair trade products such as this amazing birdhouse watering can. Multipurpose, this rustic piece could be a home to birds in your backyard or they could be used to water your garden or flowerbed. 


+ Made in the Philippines 
+ Dimensions: 12 1/2"l x 12 1/4"w 
+ Crafted from takip-asin wood and galtang vine 
+ Your purchase enables marginalized Filipino artisans from the poorest urban and rural communities to become self-reliant through skilled handcrafting by selling their handcrafted products in local and global fair trade markets.


This rustic watering can birdhouse was thoughtfully made by handcrafters in the Philippines, providing a long-term trading partnership and interest-free advance payment for orders. Through sales of their products, artisans who rely on handcrafting as their primary source of family income receive a livelihood, training programs, employment opportunities, administrative development skills, and access to international retail buyers. These talented handcrafters use locally available natural fibers—bamboo, rattan, coconut, and other vines and grasses—to create their beautiful, high-quality products.