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Sandalwood + Ginger Apple | Room Diffuser

$ 9.00 $ 16.00

Transform your home into a haven of fall-inspired tranquility, where the crisp air and falling leaves are beautifully complemented by this inviting fragrance. Our Sandalwood + Ginger Apple Room Diffuser is the perfectway to capture the spirit of the season and have it flowing through your household. 

  • 8 oz. Diffuser
  • Scent: Sandalwood + Ginger Apple
  • Made in the USA by local artisans


Local Hope is an artisan group of Mercy House Global made up of women who have overcome different obstacles and hardships and have been empowered to create a future of hope and redemption for themselves and their families. 

Recently, Mercy House Global hired our first Local Hope in-house artisan! We are excited to provide her with a safe and loving place to re-enter the workforce and begin to rebuild her life.