Sisal Pendant + Lava Bead Necklace

This unique necklace is an attention grabber! Sea green paper beads and gold seed beads add character, and a bold sisal pendant punctuates the end. The porous lava beads are perfect for diffusing essential oils. Just add a couple of drops of your favorite oil to the lava beads, and you'll look cute while reaping the benefits of the oil throughout your day. 

The sisal pendant was made by artisans with Azizi Life in Rwanda, and then shipped to Kenya so that Have Hope would finish creating this multi-country masterpiece.

The artisan partners of Azizi Life craft their products using natural, tea-dyed sisal fibers and age-old basket weaving techniques. Azizi Life is a faith-based social enterprise in Rwanda committed to sustainability, collaboration, and putting people first—artisans and customers alike. Founded in 2008 under the international NGO Food for the Hungry, Azizi Life has become a bridge to connect hardworking artisans to the global market.

The artisans of Have Hope worked hard to create these stunning pieces. The group began as Mercy House Global's community outreach to about 20 women in a Kenyan slum. The women of Have Hope have been meeting weekly for Bible study since 2010. Today, as highly skilled jewelry makers, they contribute to the working class of Kenya.


Handcrafted in Kenya and Rwanda

The packaging creates a dignified job for a rescued woman in Asia


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