Shine, Shine Glitter Candles | Set of 3

$ 36.00


Illuminate your home with our new glitter candles that come in a set of 3 with shimmering gold, silver, and rose gold glitter! With notes of vanilla bean, buttercream, and cake, these candles are rounded out by a hint of bourbon which creates a calm and comforting aroma while enhancing other fragrances with this warm, sweet scent. These candles would also make a great present for a birthday or look wonderful at a bridal or baby shower as decor!               


+ 3 Candles in each set (gold, silver, and rose gold glitter in each of the individual candles)

+ 4 oz candles 

+ Scent: Warm Vanilla 

+ Hand-poured by refugees living in the USA


This product was a collaboration between two of our artisans Diaa and Muna.

Diaa poured tin candles at the end of 2019, we introduced you to Mercy House Global’s new refugee-made candle line. We are excited for you to enjoy another hand-poured soy candle, and for you to meet Diaa. One of the things we are most excited about was the opportunity to empower one of our first candlemakers, Muna, to teach her neighbor Diaa, how to also make candles from home. With Muna as a teacher, Diaa became an excellent candlemaker from the start. Diaa and her family are also from Syria, now living in Houston, Texas. They have been in the USA for a few years. Diaa is so thankful for the opportunity to help her family with their financial needs.

Muna, mother to 6-year-old Ameer, carries the weight of helping to provide for her aging parents and their medical needs as they live as new residents in the USA. Muna’s family relocated to Houston from Syria in the refugee resettlement program. She has quickly become a skilled candlemaker and is eager to use her creative skills to help her family. Muna was separated from her husband in the resettlement process and stays connected to him through phone calls. Even with no reunion in sight, Muna rarely complains and is one of the hardest working home-workers connected to Mercy House Global.


This gleaming collaboration is inspired by the Kenyan teen moms we serve, who affectionately refer to glitter as “shine shine.” In order to shine, one must reflect light. While the darkness of the world grows, so does the opportunity for us to shine. As we burn brighter and illuminate the darkness, we are connected by each bright and light piece of our Shine Shine Collection created by hand by global artisans. The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it. John 1:5.