Shine Shine Miujiza Stackable Bracelets | Teal

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Your fresh spring look is here with these teal stackable bracelets. Sport some gorgeous and meaningful arm candy while making a global impact! They are wonderful to stack together or wear alone.


+ Hand Crafted in Kenya 

+ Crafted from hand-rolled beads 

+ Bracelet is comprised of small gold beads and large teal beads 

+ 1 Bead = Be the Light 

+ 2 Bead = Shine On

+ 3 Bead = A Shine Moment


This gleaming collaboration is inspired by the Kenyan teen moms we serve, who affectionately refer to glitter as “shine shine.” In order to shine, one must reflect light. While the darkness of the world grows, so does the opportunity for us to shine. As we burn brighter and illuminate the darkness, we are connected by each bright and light piece of our Shine Shine Collection created by hand by global artisans. The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it. John 1:5


Agnes dreams of saving up enough money to open a gas cooker or cylinder shop, as a way to provide for herself and her children. 

Miujiza means "miracle" in Kenya. These women are the grandmothers of the babies who live at Rehema House, our rescue center for teen moms just outside of Nairobi. These grandmothers asked to be rescued too, and the beautiful pieces they create are miracles! This bracelet can stand alone or be a beautiful bangle among an arm party of Fair Trade beads.