Short Tassel Earrings | PINK

$ 8.00


A party for your ears! These fun tassel earrings were handmade by residents of Rehema House's Transition Home in Kenya. Sponsored by Mercy House Global, the Transition Home provides a bridge back into society for Rehema House residents who cannot return home yet. Rehema works to give the mothers and their babies a safe place to live while the young women transition into vocational, secondary school, and employment nearby. Their children are taken care of by the live-in housemother until they begin school.


+ Thoughtfully crafted in Kenya 

+ Assorted Colors


Esther is the only Rehema House graduate who has obtained a premier internship to become a cosmetologist. The 22-year-old mother of Nelly longs to own a beauty parlor one day, and she is working to achieve her dream. Esther and Nelly currently reside in the Transition Home in Kenya. 

Rose entered Rehema House in 2013 and she is our first graduate to attend college continuously. The 24-year-old enjoys business studies and wants to be a business woman when she completes her education.