Spiced Chai Latte Candle

$ 32.00


Like a delicious Spiced Chai Latte, this mouth-watering candle smells like Amaretto, Rum, Vanilla, Butter, Sugar, Cream, and Spice. Fill your home with this fabulous fragrance or gift to the Chai Tea lover in your life! 


+ Hand poured in the USA by Syrian Refugees 
+ 100% soy wax
+ 17 oz 
+ Scent: Spiced Chai Latte
+ Notes: Amaretto, Rum, Vanilla, Butter, Sugar, Cream, and Spice


Muna and her mother Nadja work side-by-side in their kitchen at home pouring candles to help pay their monthly rent and provide for their family of six. The shock of starting over in a new country, culture, and language has not diminished their gratitude. They were eager to work and provide for their family. When Muna, mother to 4-year-old Ameer, isn't pouring candles she is working long hours as a stocker at a nearby store. Her dream is to one day be reunited with her husband who was separated during the refugee resettlement process.