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Straw Helix Spinner

$ 7.00


Looking for some simple decor for your porch? Makes for wonderful decor under a porch, awning, or tree branch. Once you hang it up, you twist it slightly, and off it goes, twisting and untwisting, forming an eye-catching double helix! This neat artisan-made decor would also make a great gift! 


+ Handmade in India
+ Approximately 2-3 ft
+ Crafted from straw and yarn 


Indika was an idea that grew out of a love for India’s creative traditions and an interest in social welfare. At Indika, they are connected with a handful of organizations around India that work to bring employment to artisans and keep alive traditional skills. These organizations are focused on ecological awareness and self-sustainability. In the face of harsh climates and natural disasters, they push boundaries socially, economically, and technologically in the work that they do. The unique nature of their lives can be felt in the things they produce. Part of Indika's philosophy involves buying what is offered for sale – never dictating to the artisans what should be produced for the western market. You will find that the items we offer have a distinctive quality. They feel this is due to the fact that they are created in an environment so completely different from ours – in this lies their beauty.