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String of Bells

$ 18.00


These iron and brass bells hang gracefully on jute cording and give voice to the centuries-old tradition of crafting bells for livestock. With their rustic appeal and delightful sound, cowbells have gained popularity outside of their intended use. These bells have been made by this artisan group for three generations, and they are great for garden decoration or any outside or indoor home decor. 


+ Hand-made in India 
+ Dimensions: 21" long with 4" bells
+ Materials: iron and brass bells + jute cord 


Shusheela was married with three children when her husband was killed in an auto accident. Many widows in India are shunned and stripped of the life they lived when they are married. Susheela could not get a job and had to take her children out of school. She had reached a point where she couldn't even buy food for her family. Rahab's Rope heard her story and was able to get her employment. Susheela was able to return her children to school and provide for them.