Strong Pennant

$ 30.00


Add a powerful statement to your kid's room with the cute and vibrant felt pennant that says, "Strong". The pennant-style flag is made of felted black and white wool for a seamless piece of decor. Each letter is felted and cut by hand, taking hours to create each unique pennant. Hang this adorable piece of decor on the wall, above a crib, or strung onto a curtain rod for a timeless decoration.


+ Made in Nepal

+ Dimensions: 12" tall x 19" wide x ¼" deep

+ Materials: Felted wool

+ Azo-free dyes, eco-friendly and non-toxic


Nuptse Craft provides employment for Nepali women and sustains the ancient technique of felting. They use this method to create unique and vibrantly colored decor and children's gifts. Based in Kathmandu, Nepal, Nuptse Crafts's mission is to combat urban poverty. It supports skills-training and income-generation programs for 68 female heads-of-households living in and around the capital and provides access to education for their children, fostering a sense of independence in an otherwise marginalized population.