Ceramic Sugar Pot & Spoon

$ 22.00


Kick start your morning in a fair trade way with these adorable ceramic sugar pots with a spoon! Perfect to store sugar for your coffee, tea, and more. Let your sugar jar tell a story of grace and dignity with this ceramic handicraft. By purchasing these items, you become part of their story, changing the world for the better! 


+ Made in Nepal 

+ Ceramic sugar pot + spoon. 

+ Dimensions of sugar pot: 2.5" (H) x 2.5" (W)

Spoon Dimensions: 3.25" (L) 

+ Ceramics can be defined as heat-resistant, nonmetallic, inorganic solids that are (generally) made up of compounds formed from metallic and nonmetallic elements. Traditional ceramics are in use in dishes, crockery, flowerpots, roof, and wall tiles.


Mahaguthi provides technical, social, and financial services to underprivileged target groups, especially women, and sell their handicraft to domestic and international markets. Mahaguthi Craft with Conscience is a Fair Trade Organization which produces, markets, and exports Nepalese crafts. Mahaguthi serves both the domestic and international markets and has two shops based in the Kathmandu Valley.